Memphis will be a city that anchors growth on strengths of the core and neighborhoods; a city of greater connectivity and access; a city of opportunity for all.


Complete, Cohesive Communities

Vibrant Civic Spaces

Sustainable & Resilient Communities


High Performing Infrastructure

Connected Corridors & Communities


Equitable Opportunities

Prosperous & Affordable Communities

Engaged Communities

Since December 2016, the Memphis 3.0 staff has worked with residents and practitioners to identify the common issues, values, and practices they want to see for the future of Memphis. We have had almost 9,000 interactions with individuals through workshops, meetings, surveys, and discussions. The information gathered has shaped the goals and objectives of the city’s comprehensive plan. We envision that through the district planning process, we will further refine these objectives and co-develop strategies to achieve these goals. Below are the goals and objectives of the Memphis 3.0 plan. 

 Plan Element: Land

Memphis is a smart, sustainable city, that anchors growth and density in the core and today's neighborhoods and prevents prolonged disinvestment in communities across the city.


Goal 1: Complete, Cohesive Communities

Objective 1.1 Focus future growth and density around community and city-wide anchors

Objective 1.2 Preserve and build upon the unique characteristics of Memphis communities when promoting new development

Objective 1.3 Promote a high standard of architectural and urban design

Objective 1.4 Develop strategies that reduce blight and vacancy

Objective 1.5 Align policy and resources to promote mixed-income communities

Objective 1.6 Increase access to wellness opportunities and quality fresh foods

Objective 1.7 Strengthen neighborhood commercial districts


Goal 2: Vibrant Civic Spaces

Objective 2.1. Create productive community assets from underutilized land

Objective 2.2. Improve access and use of existing parks, green space, greenways, and open space

Objective 2.3. Invest in civic space improvements that provide multiple community and environmental benefits

Objective 2.4. Integrate public art and cultural resources into development, design, and landscapes across the city


Goal 3: Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Objective 3.1. Improve health of environmental systems

Objective 3.2. Prioritize energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy resources

Objective 3.3. Expand use of natural landscapes and green infrastructure

Objective 3.4. Expand sustainable approaches to material and waste management and reuse

Objective 3.5. Protect life, property, infrastructure, and environment from disaster events

Objective 3.6. Protect and preserve precious water resources, including the Memphis Sand Aquifer


Plan Element: Connectivity

Memphis is a connected and accessible city, that invests in infrastructure and mobility options that provide access to opportunities to services for all populations.


Goal 4: High Performing Infrastructure

Objective 4.1. Promote street and streetscape design based on surrounding land use

Objective 4.2. Promote safer movement of people and all modes of transportation

Objective 4.3. Leverage infrastructure capacity to promote and service desired levels development and density

Objective 4.4. Invest in smart city infrastructure, including wireless connectivity, broadband, and connected infrastructure


Goal 5: Connected Corridors and Communities

Objective 5.1. Increase transportation and mobility options that are accessible to all

Objective 5.2. Focus on key corridors to connect people and job centers designated for growth by frequent transit and shared mobility

Objective 5.3. Establish a transit network design that shifts service toward goals of ridership and frequency

Objective 5.4. Create greater access to a network of greenways, bikeways, sidewalks, and other modes of active transportation


Plan Element: Opportunity

Memphis is a city of opportunity, that focuses on access, affordability, and civic capacity for a prosperous and inclusive community.


Goal 6: Equitable Opportunities

Objective 6.1. Increase equitable access to education quality jobs and living wages for all residents

Objective 6.2. Improve quality of life issues in communities that affect economic competitiveness

Objective 6.3. Focus business attraction efforts to maximize local job creation and wages

Objective 6.4. Support growth and expansion of local and minority-owned businesses


Goal 7: Prosperous and Affordable Communities

Objective 7.1. Promote and protect housing affordability

Objective 7.2. Reduce combined housing, transportation, and energy cost burden for all households

Objective 7.3: Promote green and healthy housing improvements in all neighborhoods

Objective 7.4. Increase support and resources for community-based developers and businesses

Objective 7.5. Ensure benefits of growth and development extend to all communities


Goal 8: Engaged Communities

Objective 8.1. Promote greater inclusion in decision-making, including traditionally marginalized populations

Objective 8.2. Build a culture of effective citizen planning

Objective 8.3. Promote partnership between government and citizens to advance civic and community progress

Objective 8.4. Improve public information sharing and communications for a responsive government and informed citizen base.